Planning the good stuff - what shall we hack?

I've just put together a first cut at what the programme for iOSDevUK 6 looks like.

No you can't see it - thanks for asking. I need to check it with the speakers before releasing it to the rest of the world. Should be out pretty soon though.

This posting is for a different purpose. I want to know what people woul like to do in the hack - about 20 people have booked the Thursday night to stay for the hack so far (or they just like drinking in Aber). Some of the speakers will join us too, and it isn't too late to add that extra night to your booking and be there.

Given that, we need to decide what to do. Now that WWDC is over, there are two or three areas that interest me - maybe you have other good ideas.

1/ I'd already proposed SpriteKit as a possibility - even more interesting now it runs on four platforms.

2/ Using Siri in our apps. This happened at last - now what can we do with it?

3/ Watchkit 3 - building usable apps(?)

4/ creating Swift Playgrounds

Please throw in your opinon below if you think you might join us.

Any of these that you fancy?

Any better ideas?

Alternatively, we could just eat pizza and chicken, and drink beer or dandelion and burdock all evening.