Why sponsor iOSDevUK?

It is a conference that attracts over 200 iOS developers that are not only your potential customers, but will tweet about you to their friends.  More than 1,400 people follow iOSDevUK on twitter, and their retweets often reach many thousands more.

We use all sponsorship funding to improve what we provide to attendees. We are also happy to distribute freebies of value to attendees (mugs, t-shirts, cars) free of charge.

Previous sponsors include:

Bromium, Bronze Sotware Labs, CapitalOne, EasyBooks, Facebook, GitHub, JetBrains, J.P. Morgan, Jungle Candy, Mubaloo, MyAppConverter, NewRelic, Paypal, Pearson, ShinobiControls, topcoder, Welsh Government

If you are interested in helping to sponsor this year's iOSDevUK, the sponsorship prospectus is available here.