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iOSDevUK4 tickets available

Remaining conference tickets are available on Eventbrite, and are the same price as last year - £160 for the three day conference, and £300 for the conference INCLUDING three nights en suite accommodation.

The Joining Page has important information for attendees, including draft details of the planned programme.

What is iOSDevUK like?

It's 200 iOS developers gathering at the seaside to share knowledge.

It's a relaxing atmosphere to learn great stuff about iOS development.

It's a 3 day iOS developer conference with twin tracks - one pretty techie, and the other full of things that you need to know about iOS development - business, design, graphics and other interesting stuff. 

Some quotes from previous attendees (genuine comments from the online evaluation):

What did you like best?

  • "The community, got the right mix of speakers and participants"
  • "The chance to meet the people who make the apps I use every day."
  • "The atmosphere - really buzzing, really fun, really friendly, really welcoming"
  • "The mix of topics covering design, coding, architecture and business."
  • "Informal, Speakers easy to approach, Good selection of subjects covered, Cheap"
  • "Practical tutorial sessions like Cocos2d"
  • "It was great to have regular breaks between talks to network with everyone, especially the big shots. The networking was as important, if not more important than the talks."
  • "The cakes"


Email with any questions.