iOSDevUK 7 will follow our usual formula - we will start with an optional (but included in the price) tutorial session on Monday starting at 4pm - just for those who can't wait until Tuesday morning for the full conference to start. This year's tutorial is "Using ARkit and Spritekit to do AR" with Janie Clayton (sadly, our second tutorial speaker, Paul Hudson had to withdraw from the conference).

From first thing Tuesday to Thursday lunchtime there will be a mix of plenary sessions, and twin parallel sessions with different appeal (usually a techie strand and a broader strand). The main conference will finish in time to catch the 13:30 train on Thursday, but on Thursday afternoon we will start a hack that will finish at midnight - if you are coming to the hack, then you probably want to book accommodation for Thursday night as well. This year's Hack will follow on from Janie's ARkit tutorial, and pose teams an ARkit challenge.

We have a great set of speakers lined up (warning: the list always changes slightly by September):   

  • Adam Rush - Adam Rush is a passionate iOS developer with over 6 years commercial experience, contracting all over the UK & Europe. He's a tech addict and #Swift enthusiast.
  • Agnieszka Czyżak - By combining artistic mindset with her passion for technology, Agnieszka found the UX and UI design to be the perfect area for professional growth.  She is also the author of Accessibility in Mobile Applications Industry Report for 2016, released by Polidea.
  • Alan Morris - With over 16 years in the tech and development industry, for organisations such as Orange and Accenture, Alan ran a successful iOS development agency before joining hedgehog lab to lead the development team.
  • Amy Worrall - App developer from Coventry, working for Facebook.
  • Andrey Kozlov - I’m a passionate iOS developer. TDD evangelist and Software Architect who cares about quality and creating maintainable and clear code.
  • Carson Ramsden - Carson is a software developer/consultants at ThoughtWorks, specializing in iOS and enjoys building out the entire mobile flow from the back-end API to the front-end user experience (and back again). Sheattended iOSDevUK last year, and is excited to be back.
  • Carsten Przyluczky -  iOS dev at 9elements with a passion for image processing
  • Claus Höfele - Claus supports the iOS Team at HERE as a Tech Lead to create personal mobility services for consumers. Author of AlexaSkillsKit and CCHMapClusterController
  • Daniel Tull - Daniel has been a Cocoa developer since the Java Bridge existed when macOS was known as OS X. He has since made his way up from developing apps for Sky, Tesco, BBC, Nespresso and Danone to the heights of Gok Wan’s glorious fashion app.
  • Elviro Rocca - Elviro worked for some years as a Materials Engineer before focusing on his true passion: functional programming. He is the lead iOS Developer and his main field of interest is applying functional concepts and techniques to real-world programming problems related to iOS and mobile platforms in general.
  • Janie Clayton - Presently writing a book on Metal coming out *real soon*.
  • Joachim Kurz - Joachim is currently working as an iOS developer for XING, Germany’s equivalent of LinkedIn. After building several developer tools in university he’s still trying to find ways to make his life as a developer easier and improve the collaboration between designers and developers.
  • Josh Adams - Josh is an iOS developer at Capital One in San Francisco. He is also a former barrister and enthusiast philologer. He is descended, in part, from someone surnamed "Ap Adam", and his appearance at iOSDevUK therefore represents a sort of homecoming.
  • Luke Parham - Luke is currently an iOS developer at Fyusion where he focuses on performance and UX but tends to work on whatever needs doin'. He's also an author and video maker for  In his free time he likes to play Rocket League or read old books while smoking a pipe and sitting near a fireplace.
  • Luke Rogers - App designer and developer. Creator of Pixaki and Flying Cats game.
  • Martin Pilkington - Martin has been developing for Apple’s platforms for 13 years. More recently he has been trying to get Objective-C and Swift to play nicely with each other, and ranting on Twitter when they don’t.
  • Phil Nash - Phil is a Developer Advocate for Swift, Objective-C and C++ tools at JetBrains. Prior to that he worked in as diverse fields as: finance, agile coaching and iOS development. He is the author of several open source projects - most notably Catch: a C++-native test framework and had an iPhone app in the AppStore since the early days.
  • Rafal Tulwin - For the past 5 years Rafał has been involved in mobile app development. He is currently working at Polidea as a senior iOS developer. Passionate programmer and triathlete. He is now focusing on acquiring and spreading the knowledge about accessibility in mobile applications.
  • Rebecca Eakins - Rebecca focuses on mobile and data science - with a special fondness for the intersection of the two. Before getting into programming, she read a lot of philosophy and literature and finds now that poetry and great code aren’t so different.
  • Ross Butler - Senior iOS Developer at Sainsbury's-Argos in London. Formerly BBC, working on CBeebies, CBBC and iPlayer products. Frequent speaker at meetups and conferences as well as ex-organiser of NSManchester, a meetup for iOS developers in the North-West.
  • Sam Davies - Sam works for Razeware, the company behind, and as such can be found making videos, writing tutorials, presenting at conferences and doing battle with web apps. He spends his free time playing his trombone and managing shows in the theatre. He is mildly allergic to uncooked banana.
  • Sarp Erdag - Sarp is an independent software developer, designer and an app entrepreneur from Istanbul. He’s the co-founder of a 2 person mobile software development studio named Apperto famous for building Typorama, Videorama and Colorama apps with more than 4 million downloads worldwide.
  • Sash Zats - Upon graduation with a master degree in metallurgy, I decided to pursue a career in design, where over time, through animation, I got into programming. Been working with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch for the past 8 years. Most recently, I joined News Feed Delight team at Facebook.
  • Steve Westgarth - Steve is MD of ‪@Footsqueek, a software development company in the North-West of the UK. A serial software developer, Steve has been developing for iOS since 2009 and has a passion for all things mobile.  Steve is described as a social geek; a friendly techy who enjoys making and doing cool new things with technology.
  • Steve (Scotty) Scott - Scotty has been a freelance developer since 1992 although he is probably best known for being the host on a number of developer podcasts including Late Night Cocoa and The iDeveloper Podcast. He was also the host and creator of NSConference.
  • Steven Gray - Steven started programming on Apple hardware at an early age when his grandfather brought home an early-model Apple ][ computer to explore during summer holiday. These days Steven leads a team of elite software consultants in the Silicon Forest of Portland, Oregon in the U.S.
  • Yusei Nishiyama - Yusei is a senior iOS developer at Cookpad the largest recipe sharing service in the world with the aim of making everyday cooking fun! He majored in philosophy and aesthetics but the beauty of programming languages led him to become a programmer and he has now been working with iOS since 2012.