Best price tickets for iOSDevUK are now available on Eventbrite, but come to an end shortly. Full price is £100 more.

Dates are 3rd-6th September 2018 in Aberystwyth

Two changes from previous years:

  1. We have gone for slightly more expensive accommodation, which has resulted in our first price increase for early bird tickets in three years, but the overwhelming feedback via twitter as to whether we should do that was "yes".
  2. We are planning extra tutorials on the Thursday of the conference, included in the price. These will be instead of the Thursday afternoon hack that we have done for the past few years.

A draft list of speakers is here,  and we already have put up details of the included tutorials (Paul Hudson: Swift Best Practices; Kateryna Gridina: Augmented Reality; Tim Condon: Serverside Swift; and someone from Google on Cloud FireStore).