Important Information if you are coming to iOSDevUK 9

Here is the information you will need if you have booked for iOSDevUK next month:

  • Joining instructions: This tells you where to come for the conference.

  • Accommodation info: If you have booked accommodation, this tells you what to expect and where to get your key.

  • Parking permit: if you are bringing a car to campus, you’ll need to print off one of these.

  • Draft Schedule: latest version of the programme for the conference (still needs minor sorting).

Still time to buy tickets

There are.still tickets left for iOSDevUK for the next couple of weeks. Use the link at the top of the page to purchase from Eventbrite.

Why is this the right conference to come to?

Our values are content, community and affordability.

Content is easy to show - just look at this year’s draft programme above. We have workshops by noted experts, along with a range of tickets on every aspect of iOS development, that will help grow your iOS expertise.

Affordability is pretty easy to see too - where some conferences are £599 or £799 plus VAT, plus find your own expensive accommodation, you can have three days of iOSDevUK goodness with 3 nights accommodation for £399 all in.

Community is much more intangible. It comes out in the new speakers we have given chances year after year, who have grown into regular speakers. It comes out in the lightning talk sessions where everyone can have their say. It comes out in sharing flats of 8 en suite rooms with other attendees, in shared meals, and time to meet other developers, and have fun together. Maybe the best way to show it is to share some feedback from previous attendees. When asked what they liked best about iOSDevUK8, as well as the expected answers highlighting specific talks, here are some of the answers we got highlighting the value of the community:

  • “Building great relationships with the community”

  • “Good vibe, nice people, great accomodation”

  • “Attendees, organization, speakers and venue. :) everything”

  • “The friendly community feel”

  • “The atmosphere - first time attendee, but this is by far the best conference I’ve been to!”

  • “The most value for money conference with quite big names on it”

  • “Very warm, welcoming atmosphere—organizers were great! Everyone was eager to meet one another and share experiences. I also like the steam train ride and being able to explore a little bit of the surrounding area. The group dinner was great, too!”

  • “The community friendly feeling and the value of the conference!”

  • “The location, people, breadth of talks, steak dinner - luckily we had some sunshine too!”

  • “Nice accommodation & location, interesting talks, v well organised”

  • “The mix of great people and great content”

  • “Networking with a bunch of the best iOS devs in the country in a friendly atmosphere”

  • “Friendliest conference in the UK”

  • “Lots of talks, accommodation was good, friendly”

  • “There were no borders between speakers and attendees. Everyone was speaking freely with everyone. The atmosphere in general was very familiar.”

  • “Beautiful location, very nice accommodation, great price, lots of different topics covered in the talks, friendly and easy going atmosphere, nice people!”