If you want to make the most of iOSDevUK, then you need to plan to be in Aberystwyth from 4pm on Monday 2nd September to 4pm on Thursday 5th September. The conference itself starts on Tuesday morning, and goes until Thursday lunchtime, but from 4-6pm on Monday and 1pm to 3pm on Thursday we arrange some great tutorials included in the cost of the conference.

We have around 30 speakers in total, and a draft list of the speakers is below.

Several talks are still being arranged, and so some speakers are not listed yet. It is also a long time to the conference and things can happen, so this list should be looked on as a draft list which may change.

Tutorial Speakers

Daniel Steinberg. Daniel is well known author and speaker who presents iPhone, Cocoa, and Swift training, and consults through his company Dim Sum Thinking

Paul Hudson. Paul is the author of Hacking with Swift, Pro Swift, Server-Side Swift, Hacking with macOS, Hacking with watchOS, Swift Coding Challenges, Practical iOS 11, and more. Suffice it to say, he quite likes Swift. And coffee. (But mostly Swift.) (And coffee.) 

Tim Condon:  Serverside Swift. Tim is a Vapor expert, founder of Broken Hands and BBC software engineer. 

Conference Speakers

  • Alex Karp: Alex Karp is an Engineering Manager at Wayfair, his teams focusing on the very bottom parts of the conversion funnel in their iOS apps: the checkout process, shipping information, and loyalty and financing programs.

  • Chris Mash: Chris spent five years developing iOS apps for various clients after moving out of the video games industry. For the last year he’s been at Nagra Media working on secure video player SDKs.

  • Chris Thomas: Been a developer for just over 5 years. Currently working in a team of 12 developers delivering the customer app of John Lewis.

  • Dana Dramowicz: Dana Dramowicz is an iOS developer at The Guardian who loves creating beautiful and responsive apps with Swift. 

  • Dave Verwer: Dave is the curator of the popular iOS Dev Weekly newsletter as well as an independent iOS developer.

  • Domas Nautatas: iOS Engineer at Trafi. Enthusiastic about functional reactive programming and state machines.

  • Douglas Hill: Douglas is an iOS engineer at PSPDFKit and the lead on their PDF Viewer iOS app. He helps organise the NSLondon meetup and enjoys travelling while working remotely.

  • Igor Savelev: Learned iOS as only iOS developer at a startup, creating music service applications.Moved to London to start a developer role at Badoo.

  • Jaime Lopez Jr: Jaime is currently an iOS developer at Simple, where he helps make personal banking delightful. He is also a co-host of the More Than Just Code podcast.

  • Jan Kaltoun: Jan is currently working as iOS platform lead at STRV, in Prague. Apart from leading the team Jan likes to focus on the future of macOS development, Augmented Reality and Swift on backend.

  • Joanna Carter: Joanna specialises in mentoring design and programming skills, especially the use of design patterns and effective debugging skills. She also writes iOS/macOS apps and frameworks; the most recent being a suite of apps for owners and pilots of private jets.

  • Jon Gibbins: Jon is a recognised expert on web and mobile accessibility and has helped big brands, government agencies and charities to better understand accessibility through training, testing and mentoring.

  • Josh Adams: Josh is an iOS developer at Capital One's San Francisco office, where he works on features that facilitate digital payments. In his spare time, he has released three iOS apps: Immigration, RaceRunner, and Conjugar.

  • Josh Garnham: A former Apple Engineer working within the iCloud team, Josh Garnham is now a veteran at Monzo, having seen it grow from 15 people and just 2 mobile engineers to over 600 and a mobile team of 30.

  • Kamil Borzym: Kamil is an iOS developer at Allegro. He is very curious of how things work internally, so he likes to decompile frameworks and apps.

  • Ken Tominaga: Ken Tominaga is an iOS Tech Lead at Mercari, maker of shopping marketplace to buy and sell stuff. Currently he is studying Chinese and Android development.

  • Manuel @stuffmc Carrasco Molina: Developing for iOS since 2008, started with Swift in 2014. He founded Objective-Cologne, the conference now known as SwiftConf. Wrote the upcoming book about Privacy on iOS & macOS for Apress — Describes himself as a “Karma-Oriented Apple Technologist”.

  • Michael Chaffee: As a mobile practice lead at ThoughtWorks, Michael helps generalist teams grow strong in iOS and Android to deliver great apps for clients including top players in the retail and healthcare spaces.

  • Neil Kimmett: Neil has worked for a range of small startups and large brands across London, New York and San Francisco. Currently he works at ClassPass in NYC where we're trying to help people live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

  • Niamh Power: Niamh is a mobile developer at the bank Monzo, working across both their Android & iOS apps. Having learnt both platforms in parallel, she enjoys bringing the best of each world together and transferring knowledge between them.

  • Owain Hunt: Owain has been a professional developer of various flavours for six years, and an amateur one for quite a bit longer than that. He's currently working for John Lewis in their iOS apps team.

  • Shea Clarke-Tieche: Shea is a senior mobile developer at ThoughtWorks where he’s spent the last four years building applications for various clients from small startups in the Bay Area to some of the largest airlines.

  • Sophie Lambrakis: Sophie is a senior iOS Developer at The Guardian. She is particularly interested in monetisation, A/B testing, and accessibility. 

  • Steve Boronski: Steve is an experienced project management trainer who has helped project managers improve their skills, NATO fight battles, the UN recover from them, and space telescopes accurately pinpoint distant stars.

  • Susmita Horrow: Susmita is an iOS developer with more than six years of experience. Started with Objective C, currently working in Swift, loves to contribute to open source as well as to write blogs.

  • Timirah James: Timirah is a Developer Advocate at Cloudinary and an influencer in the evangelism space, creating awareness around STEM and diversity in tech as well as helping others build great technical skills and become great developers.

  • Vadim Drobinin: IT-consultant and mobile developer. Won Apple WWDC Scholarship, used to teach Swift courses at VK University and organize the biggest Russian iOS meetup. Now works in London, UK for a stealth company.

  • Vicente Garcia: Vin likes to collaborate/experiment in Open Source projects, trying to make technology and software open and accessible for everyone.